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Posted by Kathleen C Olivieri on Monday, March 7, 2016

Your one communication tip today is your Tone of Voice.

Your tone of voice is part of your professional appearance and identity.

Tone of Voice is Important

A higher pitched tone of voice can be viewed as less professional than a lower tone of voice. In fact, a lower tone of voice infers professionalism and seriousness about the work. If you have a higher tone of voice, then you should consider working to lower your tone.

Consider people who are on the television newscasts. The tone of voice by newscasters is normally lower in tone. A lower tone helps infer a seriousness and credibility about the information the newscaster is sharing.

Communication Tips

Communication Tips

If there were a newscaster with a higher tone of voice, that person would not come across as credible, professional or serious about the work.

Consider your tone of voice when assessing your overall communication skills. Do you have a tone that is too high? Are you taken seriously when you speak?

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