An Office and a Budget

Home Office Inspiration

If you are anything like my family or me, I watch HGTV almost every afternoon or evening at home. I love seeing how Joanna Gaines can just transform any space into something specifically for her clients, or watching how the Property Brothers turn dreams into reality. What about a home office remodel?

Now that my daughters have moved out, I became my own Joanna Gaines or Jonathan Scott by transforming a room in my house to my home office!

This room has a lot of history in my family; it’s been a bedroom for my oldest daughter, then a guest room for my mother, and now it’s finally my turn to make a mark.

My Home Office – Before and After

I Needed My Own Space

Don’t get me wrong, I love my family, but I definitely need my own space to let my dreams and business grow.

My favorite assistant—my husband, Ralph—helped me tremendously throughout the transformation!

He helped move the 20-year-old bookshelves, my daughter’s childhood bedframe, mattress, and all of the junk that had collected in the room.

Home Office Budget

I also didn’t have a big budget. I re-purposed a lot of things from around the house: bookshelves from my daughter’s room, books I stuffed in the attic, tables, and lamps from our living room, etc.

The things I DID spend money on:

  1. Teal Chair – $110 from Wayfair
  2. Curtains – $60 from
  3. 1 Bookcase – $75 from local vendor
  4. Whiteboard – $15 from Walmart
  5. Paint – $50 from Lowe’s
  6. Interior designer, Robin O’Nan – $155 

Total = $465.00

HLC.ME Lattice Insulated Blackout Teal Blue Curtains

HLC.ME Lattice Insulated Blackout Teal Blue Curtains

Silver Leaf 4006-1A Valspar Paint

Swoop Arm Chair by HomePop

Swoop Arm Chair by HomePop, Teal Color

Be A Smart Shopper

Choosing the few things that I did want to splurge on is what I found to be the key.

Re-purposing old things from around the house not only saved me money, but it also gave a new sense of purpose to things I had forgotten were even there.

You do not have to spend a fortune to have an office that looks like it belongs on HGTV!

Talk to you soon,
Kathleen Olivieri

PS: Here’s my husband painting my office! I’m so lucky to have a supportive spouse.

Painting to Keep Cost Down – Thanks Ralph!

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