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Success - get there by with having the most and best information!

Posted by Kathleen C Olivieri on Friday, March 25, 2016

Information has power and value. If you value information, bring appropriate information into the workplace, then you become powerful!

Making good decisions based upon the right information at the right time equals job security, job promotion, and SUCCESS.

You be that person to have the right information to have the value, and to have the power in the workplace.

Having Power and Value is a result of having the best information.

Having Power and Value is a result of having the best information.

Information Literacy Leads to Success

One element of success is the ability to make good decisions. Good decisions are based upon quality information. For example, if you listen to the weather forecast in the morning, then you can decide if you will need an umbrella in the afternoon. The more you know, the more power and value you will bring to the workplace.

Steps for Implementing Information

The steps for having value and power in the office do not happen by accident. Consistent daily effort is needed.  You must know:

  1. When information is needed
  2. Where to locate the information
  3. How to evaluate the information
  4. How to use the information to make a great decision.

Your Daily Activity for Power and Value

To have the best information in the business world, you must have daily effort in knowing information in the following areas:

  • Community – Stay informed of your community.  Local newspapers, email groups, social media
  • National – Stay informed of the nation and the world.
  • Clients/Customers – Study your ideal clients/customers. Know more about your clients than anyone else.  Not just the demographics, but the psychographics of your clients.
  • Industry – Study your industry, trends, trade journals, etc.

Consequences for have no information or bad information?

You stay stagnant in your career. Plain and simple. Learning and seeking out appropriate information is a constant in work and life!

Be successful by bringing the best information into the workplace!

I want YOU to be that person in the workplace – the person who is successful because you have the right information at the right time!

Stay “In Touch”,

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