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If Money doesn’t Motivate, What does?

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Two years ago, I intentionally took a new job that paid 50% less than my previous job. Why would anyone take a big pay cut voluntarily? Could the “experts” be right? Is…

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How To Hit the Reset Button

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It’s 2017 and it’s time to HIT THE RESET BUTTON! Do you feel like it’s time to hit reset? Resetting is not as simple as pushing a button – or maybe it is. Sometimes it’s the little things that can make all the difference. Instead of thinking big – think...
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Product Testimonial – Unblemish for Adult Acne

Just wanted to tell you how much I like using UNBLEMISH. 
I have had a problem for about 2 years with adult breakouts and have tried so many products to no avail until now.  With UNBLEMISH, my skin is clear and looking better than it has in a long time…..
Rose K.

Product Testimonial – Redefine for Fine Lines

On day 11 of using the Rodan + Fields AMP MD System, I had three people tell me that I look like I’m 29 or 30. Since I’m 40, that’s pretty incredible!
Romi Neustadt

Product Testimonial – Soothe for Sensitive Skin

I must say that I am completely blown away with SOOTHE Sensitive Skin Treatment.

I no longer look like a fire truck disguised as a woman and needless to say, I like this way better….. On a regular basis people tell me they figure I am in my thirties or my forties which is pretty darn cool considering, truth be told, I am much closer to 60!

Susie S.

Product Testimonial – Reverse for Sun Damage

Reverse System

A few months ago, I heard about Rodan + Fields Dermatologists. I knew if Dr. Rodan and Dr. Fields created and developed it, it HAD to work!

I ordered the REVERSE Regimen and I love it. I am on my second kit now and have also added the ENHANCEMENTS Micro-Dermabrasion Paste to my morning routine.

Sally G.

Business Testimonial – Lore C

After three years of working her R+F business, Lore feels she and her husband can now focus on how they want to live.

“Rodan + Fields has allowed me to truly have and do it all. I feel like a better wife because I’m contributing to my household income and a better mom because my children see that I work hard and have goals for myself.”

Lore C
RFx Executive Consultant and 2015 RFx Circle Achiever

University Teaching Evaluation – Fall 2015

Dr. Olivieri is awesome. She teaches with interesting examples that are effective. Wish all my teachers were like her! GREAT!

Fall 2015 Student

University Teaching Evaluation – Fall 2015

You rock! Loved having you as a teacher. Made class fun and I learned a lot!

Fall 2015 Student

University Teaching Evaluation – Fall 2015

Your class was a change from the ordinary.

Fall 2015 Student

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